Being a new singer without a lot of experience, I was apprehensive when I began looking for a voice teacher. Since I wasn't a professional singer, I was worried about finding someone who would be willing to work with me to develop better control of my voice, maximize my abilities, and improve my overall tone. Bridget immediately put me at ease. She explained the process in detail and told me what to expect. Her easy-going personality and extensive vocal and musical knowledge were very reassuring.  Bridget is very flexible and customized each lesson to accomplish my goals.  We usually spent 1/2 of the lesson working on scales and exercises.  The last half of the lesson was spent on whatever I wanted, and usually consisted of practicing the songs I was singing in my band and working on harmonies.  Bridget not only helped me get a stronger voice, she gave me the confidence I needed to sing in public.  Thanks! ~ Eric Silverman


"I wanted to say Thank you! Your vocal training far surpassed any expectations that I had. The knowledge, the tips, the confidence you helped instill in me... & yes, even those strange but necessary exercises, that were so good for me... Thanks for investing in me. Thank you - straight from my heart" ~ June